Canada to Demonstrate Leadership in the Ocean Tech Sector at OiA

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The Canadian ocean tech sector is composed of highly international companies with dual or multiple use technologies that they sell into various markets. The sector is part of the modern ocean economy and serves various wealth generating ocean industries including, Marine transportation; Defense and security; Coastal and ocean management; Fisheries and aquaculture; Offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production; Seabed mining & Ocean movie review renewable energy.

Canada has one of the world’s longest coastlines, so it’s important place in the ocean economy comes quite naturally. Backing up these natural gifts, the country‘s ocean industry is building an international reputation for ocean observation, bringing designers, manufacturers, experts, and innovators to showcase their latest products and services in fields such as underwater acoustics and imaging, marine communication and navigation, robotics, arctic technologies, and sensors.

The country also leads the world in the number of oceans-related supporting resources including research institutions, centers of excellence, universities, researchers, and facilities.

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